Losing Friends… for the Kingdom?

“He [Jesus] told me that if I couldn’t make a stand for my beliefs then I would never have effectiveness in the kingdom.”
A story of how God used “Straight Outta LGBT” to show Tiffany the importance of standing up for what she believes in. Great Read!!

Tiffany Channell

Life is full of seasons. Things are constantly changing. When a farmer begins to farm his land he knows that there is a natural process in which he will follow. He tills the land, plants seeds, has a harvest, and then there is a time where nothing happens (Genesis 8:22 ESV). So why was I so surprised to see this natural life principle applied in my Christian walk?

Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m Tiffany Channell… and I’ve been playing the fence on many issues in my everyday Christian life. A year ago, I began a journey that I didn’t honestly think I would be on today. I began my walk with the Lord. When I signed up for this shindig, I didn’t exactly understand the fullness of what it would cost me. I thought that I could maintain a mainstream stance as the understanding, accepting, “cool Christian”…

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