Jesus Did Not Tell Me To Be STRAIGHT.

A response to a few negative comments on “Straight Outta LGBT”

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In my journey (from homosexuality, to same sex attraction, to freedom), Jesus never told me that I had to become straight in order to experience the kingdom of God. Of all the times He spoke to my situations He NEVER said, “If you do not start liking women right now, I will cut you off.” That is not the nature of a loving fatherly God. Yes He is a master and we are his servants but He is a wise master; a master at being Father. Unlike a lot of us Christ followers, God reveals who we can be over who we are rather than labeling who we are to scare us into being who we can be. For example, I was openly gay and it was obvious that a special sect of Christianity had a mandate from Superior Judgment to remind me of my sin in case I had forgotten on the way to Wal-Mart. Their tactic was to shame me into freedom. Like most of the LGBT today, I was far from desiring what they were preaching at me. One day the true Jesus revealed to me specific truths about my life. I am talking about the Jesus of the Bible. I am not talking about church. I am not talking about religion. I am not talking about a pastor’s voice that I labeled Jesus to convince you that there is a real Jesus. I. Am. Talking. About. Jesus. Eyes like fire. Hair like wool. Voice of many waters. Jesus. Allow me to stop right there and apologize to anyone who has read my recent blog post “Straight Outta LGBT” for any misunderstanding. In the post I never said “I have been cured… LGBT needs my cure… Gays are disgusting… the church made me change… a pastor convinced me to be straight… etc.” I want to take this time to try my best to explain further what my journey is.

Jesus told me to live a life of holiness and wholeness.

Life as a Christian must resemble holiness and wholeness for it to be a valid Christian life. Holy- to be set apart, different from the world, or even better, to be like God; godly. In culture today Christianity is a hated subject. So it would be ludicrous for me to say “I am a gay Christian” allow me to explain. One of the main topics flooding the world of culture is Gay Rights and the LGBT. For me to be holy I have to be set apart from the world and set apart for God. How can I be set apart for God if I am in the world through the LGBT?

If I am to be in an intimate ongoing healthy relationship with Jesus my life will start to transform from brokenness into wholeness. When Paul said whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved he used a word in the Greek that doesn’t translate properly in English. The Greek word for save is sozo meaning to deliver out of danger into safety, to keep safe and sound, to make well. When Jesus came to me I asked him to save me. I didn’t know it in that moment, but I asked the Son of the God of the Universe to deliver me out of the danger that I was in and into the safety of an intimate holy, whole relationship with Him. Through that relationship He made me well.

Jesus did not tell me that homosexuality was wrong.

Read very closely, I am not a heretic. The bible specifically says that it is. Yet Jesus told me something deeper. He told me God’s peace, joy, and righteousness is better. I took Him up on that offer and my desire in letting my story be known to the world was not an attempt to bash the LGBT. My intent is to show others that what happened for me could happen for you. It would be stupid of me to sit here and not share why I have changed (overtime through relationship with Jesus). I do not ever want to discredit someone from having an experience with Jesus.

He is not calling you to be straight.

Although for my critics, I am not saying He’s okay with a homosexual lifestyle. He is calling you to be holy and whole. His peace, joy, and righteousness wrapped in perfect love is what can deliver you out of danger that you cannot see and into safety with the One that you have access to see. For the pure in heart, those who are holy and whole, will see God. How do you become pure in heart? Allow Jesus to make you holy and whole.

Last note, I mentioned a scripture from Romans 10:13. In the original Greek it reads, “Whoever indeed, that anyhow shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”…. if you are reading this and it spoke to your heart, I want you to listen to my heart. Yes, God sees your sin. Yes, we all know sin separates us from God but because of love He was never separated from pursuing you. I did not pursue Jesus and change instantly. I wasn’t even searching out from my life to change. Jesus came to me revealed His love to me and I made a decision to follow Him. I asked Him to save me and He did. It was His daily love for me that transformed me. He began a process with me that I am still in because we’re in a relationship. You too can have what I have. All you have to do is call on the One who pursues you, Jesus. Ask him to save you. Whoever, anyhow, shall call to Jesus WILL be saved.

Sometimes all it takes is to simply say “Jesus” to start new.



  1. Zach may God continue to bless you and draw you closer to his heart-as you relentlessly pursue Him in response to his pursuit of you.
    Jeremiah 31:3 New International Version (NIV)
    3 The Lord appeared to us in the past,[a] saying:
    “I have loved you with an everlasting love;
    I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

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  2. Your story is the best one I have heard – it is so clear and simple. It’s not religious and you are not trying to “fix” anyone. I really appreciate this. Thank you for sharing. I read the Straight Outta LGBT post too and was impressed. What you said made the most sense out of everything I’ve read on both sides of this issue. I hope you can share it with more and more people – it’s like a “third” option. You don’t have to be gay and you don’t have to be straight in order for God’s love to be yours. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Zach, thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I pray that God keep transforming you from the inside out. May Christ continue to heal and touch your masculine soul with His unconditional love and redeeming power. May the Holy Spirit conform and guide you every step of the way. My testimony is like yours. I had been sexualy molested and verbally abused. I also engaged in gay lifestyle style. I felt very hurt, broke, lonely and lost. I thought that my life was meaneless and couldn’t find satisfaction and peace in the gay lifestyle. The more encounters and sex I had with the same sex the more empty and less loved and satisfed I got. It was only I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord that my life started to change for better and I found real meaning and healing for my broken soul. I decided to let my masculine man to get out of the closet and the Holy Spirit starated to guide me in my life in a more straight and peaceful path. From a life of anger and insecurity God is still restoring my masculine soul and trasforming my life daily. One day I thought I would never have attraction to the opposite sex but now I am married for over 14 years with a wonderful Christian wife. God us still working on me with his love and healing power. I will never regret to have become a Christian man and turned my life to Christ. He is my bedt friend and my hope.

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